Mike’s Membership Information

I think I confused some people with
my last ‘retirement’ email so let me
clarify a bit.

I won’t be producing any new videos
after retirement except to members.

The production is where all the really
hard graft is and after all this time, I
really do need a rest.

Everything else will stay the same.

Existing sets and videos will still be available
to buy and anything you’ve already bought will still
be available. No servers will be closing down
and no web pages will be disappearing.

I know I said that I will produce at least 2 new
videos a month for members but, I wouldn’t be
able to resist throwing in a few other bits and
pieces because that ‘s just me…..

Also with a reduced client base I may, for the first
time, be able to engage more closely with members
and look at requests……I may even be able to do
some ‘live’ lessons on skype or some other platform
(facebook or the like)

I would still want to give ‘real’ value to members
so actually it could be quite exciting but without the
drudge of constantly turning out new material.

So in a nutshell…normal rules apply, but only
members will get the new stuff.

Easier for me…..and actually better for you.

Make sense?

Thanks for registering your interest and feel
free to add your comments or questions below.


HINT: If you got here from my email you’re already
registered thanks.

If you didn’t see my original ‘retirement’ email you can Read-It-Here


Mike’s Membership Information — 23 Comments

  1. Thanks Mike for all you have done over the years Ive been following for quite a while..don’t play much now cos I injured my thumb but my son still uses your stuff Its been great Enjoy life Thanks again

  2. Nice move, Mike, once again you are cutting edge with web technology while doing an excellent job teaching the “classics” of our pop world. Keep ‘em coming and many thanks- if I get the means I’ll buy the lot! Cheers

  3. Hi Mike,

    It might be worthwhile surveying those who have signed up to see what styles the majority like.

    Another idea might be to provide two songs at a time, one included free with the membership and the other available for a nominal sum. Members would then have a choice of their preferred song, but if both appeal at that time could take the other as well. This might resolve the problem of a time when a member is not interested in either song/format.

    I hope you stay well and enjoy your retirement.

    Warm regards

    Pee See

  4. Hi Mike

    Have a well deserved break, thanks so much for all the lessons you have given me over the years.
    As you know I am now retired, well thrown out on the scrap heap:)
    But it gives me more time to learn the guitar
    The thing is the chordeoke and autotab is good.
    But what I need now is to learn to identify a song
    “You know the old saying if you whistle it I’ll play it”
    That what I am trying to find out what to do now

  5. Mike,
    There are somethings we never retire from because it is a passion in our lives.
    We do find new ways to look at things though as the fly said climbing up the mirror.
    I hope this “retirement” will enable you to have a fresh approach that is better for you and those that decide to become members. It would be really good to have a workshop at some point.

  6. Hi Mike
    I have been a follower of yours since the start. I bought your first video 20 strumming songs. Your stuff has really improved since then.I know it was hard for you when your wife passed on but you carried on and got new ideas.i will continue to support you while possible as you make playing enjoyable

  7. I don’t know how retirement works in GBR but I can tell you that after five years of being retired here its a wonderful thing. live long and prosper.

  8. Hi Mike..I just worry that 2 newbies a month could be quite hard on you. Perhaps 1 every other month. Something less weighty as you really want some time for the good stuff! I just retired a while back and know how hard ot is to commit. I have my piano and guitar study and nothing else! That is very hard to keep up with when I like to garden in summer and do some exercising as well as having people drop over and then I use time for shopping and cleaning etc etc.
    Just for your info Mike.

  9. Enjoy your retirement, Mike.
    I have gathered so much of your stuff over the years, I wish I could retire part-time to get to it all (enough for many years — good intentions :p ). Not full-time though; I like my cows too much.

  10. Mike I am not sure how the members (patreon) scheme would work for me. I am mainly interested in finger picking/acoustic stuff and not Cordokey. Can you be more specific regarding what the content would be for me and others like me?

  11. Hi Mike
    I have already registered for membership I think this is a great idea and really looking forward to being part of this group

    I would like to say thankyou for carrying on with the lessons.
    Can I also say I wish you a long and happy retirement.
    All the best

  12. I think the membership is a grand way to provide a continuation of your excellent service and wish u well in a long and well earned retirement.

  13. Hi Michael
    I think the membership is a grand way to provide a continuation of your excellent service while segueing into retirement. I’m glad I signed up.
    Since I have I was wondering if there is someway your free lessons can be downloaded to a memory stick. I too am entering the retirement phase and would like to take my guitar and the lessons with me when I travel.
    Best Wishes,

    • Just plug in a memory stick then copy and paste (or drag) files onto the memory stick.
      Do you need a video for me to explain this? I will make a screen tutorial if needed. Thanks. Mike

  14. Thanks Mike I am pleased to know you are not closing down shop and riding off in the sunset lol , I believe your new Guitar lesson format is a brilliant idea it will be much easier for you to interact with your potential Guitar students ie your possible live lessons , I am looking forward wish you all the best.

    • Thanks……..I’ve never done a ‘live’ lesson before but I think
      it could work really well especially if I can take ‘live’ questions at the same time.

  15. Hi Mike
    Looking forward to joining and hope I can keep up with at least some of the stuff you’ll be throwing at us

  16. hi Mike I have read your email, and understand that you want to retire. I also understand your proposal to request a monthly amount for the members. But then we also bet for some songs where there is no interest. I can not really agree with this. But your proposal is good. This is my opinion Greetings from luc, and sorry for my poorly written English. (From begium.)

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