The 2 things you need to learn guitar

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The 2 things you need to learn guitar — 26 Comments

  1. Great vid Mike, yes it does take hours and months of practice to get to a level where one feels comfortable playing a tune or instrumental in public.

    The fingers do stretch over time and of course, it depends on the type of guitar your playing and the neck. Classical guitars do more often than not have wider necks.

    By the way, the piece you played out with, What is it called, I always now it from tales of the river bank. I did have it somewhere from one of your lessons but lost on some hard drive.

    Look forward to your new version.

  2. Great to see you looking great and enjoying retirement Mike. Brilliant advice as usual. looking forward. I think that we all know that its “blood sweat and tears” but just never want to admit that we’re lazy.
    Take care

  3. Nice video Mike, I guess most people would love to learn to play very quickly. But like you said time, effort and dedication is the key. I enjoy your work and appreciate every tip you have given over the years. God Bless!

  4. Great advice Mike and always enjoy hearing you play. It gives me the needed boost to try a bit harder when I find myself flagging a bit. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to your new videos.

  5. You talk nothing but good sense Mike. Just been back to your lesson on Man of Constant Sorrow which I can play now thanks!
    Looking forward to seeing the new lesson format.

  6. I happened to have just started on this piece when this video showed up. Now I know what I will be doing the next three months. 🙂 I thought it was just me.
    No wonder there are so many second-hand guitars.

  7. Hi Mike thanks for telling it like it is, I always told people I found the guitar difficult to learn not realising it’s the same for most people. Once someone lets you in on the secret that it aint gonna be a walk in the park you suddenly feel better about your shortcomings. I love the challenge of it and its soooooo good when you get it right. I learnt ‘Malaguena’ my first classical piece still love it – you just have to enjoy the journey. Btw the blues solo lesson that Charles mentioned sounds right up my alley – love the two pieces you just played – Pam – Sydney Oz

  8. Unfortunately, when you finally realise there is no magic pill and that to become skilled takes a few tears, some sweat, but above all else, alot of DETERMINATION (throw in having a good teacher into that mix too!!)
    You are so down to earth and always encouraging.
    Highly motivating clip!
    Thank you, Mike.

  9. Hi ,Mike good instructional video clip ,like you said getting that “muscle memory ” into your hands takes a long time.
    Count me in as always Mike
    love all you do for the fans you have out here in guitarland !!
    Alan Manchester UK

  10. Well said Mike, no shortcuts just knuckle down and practice, practice, practice – then practice some more. Looking forward to your new videos.

  11. thanks mike that makes me feel better knowing it takes even you time to learn thank you good teacher telling it as it is great to see you back regards tony

  12. Hi Mike, good video. Great to hear you play Andante as it was the first piece i bought from you. Took me forever to learn it but well worth the effort and still love to play it.
    Looking forward to more from you so keep up the good work.
    Regards,a long time fan

  13. I think too many people, including me, set their expectations too high when learning a new piece of music. They want results quickly and when they don’t there’s a tendency to lose interest. I think your time-line for learning Romanza brings home the message that lots of practice and perseverance are required. Thanks

  14. Thanks Mike… really agree with you about the effort one has to put in to learn guitar by just playing, playing and playing! I picked the guitar up in 1960, as a young teenager and I’m still learning and trying to learn by using your excellent videos and lessons today!!
    Keep up the great work and I’ll have to get a copy of that Spanish piece, when you finish it mate…
    Stay safe.

  15. Hi Mike, I have several of your sets and really enjoyed them. Lately I have been having a lot of trouble with arthritis in my left thumb, which makes playing painful. After watching this video, I am going to try holding the guitar as you do playing the classical style-whatever style I’m playing. Maybe it will help! Keep up the fine work. Looking forward to the new stuff.

  16. It was interesting to hear from you that to progress you have to put the hours in.
    I play a classical guitar but like to play folk music as well.
    During lock down I have been playing for several hours every day.
    Unfortunately this has damaged my shoulder rotator cuff to such an extend that I have had to stop playing altogether.

  17. Practice is the key all right, and I’ve practiced to the point I can almost play your Michelle giveaway from earlier this year. Still working on not needing the TAB in front of me, but I should be there soon (another 2 months?) Keep safe, but please do your next video in color as you look very old and somewhat sad in B&W.

  18. Thanks Mike, I always thought that I was just slow because I didn’t get a song right away. This gives a whole new perspective on the issue. Now I feel somewhat liberated from the load I’ve been carrying.

  19. Mike, you tell it like it is, no magic tricks, just a lot of practice AND a GOOD teacher (YOU).

    I have been following you for years and I believe purchased everything you have produced. You have made this retired old guy very happy playing songs that I never thought possible, but yes it did require practice. Thank you so much for all you have taught me.

    Years ago (mid 2015) I got a set “Blues Solo Lessons” from you that was fantastic. I do not see it on the list and thought you should list it again for sale. It was about 25 lessons and set of licks. I learned so much from that course that you made seem easy and others made so complicated.

    Kind regards
    Charles Bryan

  20. Thank`s Mike, great film, your looking well, stay healthy an safe, looking forward to your next film. Regards your Australian friend Philip.

  21. Very helpful conversation about setting expectations. Trumpeter dizzy galespie was almost thrown out of his apartment house for practicing 12 hours per day !! Whats ringo’s song “it dont come easy?” so true.

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