Does This Help With Learning Fingerstyle Guitar?


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Does This Help With Learning Fingerstyle Guitar? — 42 Comments

  1. Use about perfect Mike only one other thing I would like could you add the beat of the music above the notation?

  2. It’s a very good idea, anything that makes playing fingerstyle easier is good.
    Makes it very easy to use the correct fingering when playing from the tab.

  3. i would expect a lot of negative from the better guitarists but for the average player this is a gift genius or not this is great with respect tony

  4. Fantastic Mike, it’s a way lot easier. This is almost like ‘subconscious’ learning.. You see the Fret number AND the finger in one go!
    Love it mate, keep up the good work…

  5. Gotta tell you Mike………that’s a simple but brilliant idea. For a beginner, it could be everything; that is, that and a whole lot of practice. Still got to get that thumb/finger independence and that involves a lot of work. Nonetheless, this will help.

  6. This is exactly what I Text, I expect others also came up with the same idea, brilliant, I play chord strumming music, but always got confused when finger picking, not sure if I’m using the right digit when playing. This method is right up my street. Once people see the colour they will soon with practice pick with the right digit required. Fantastic Mike, all the Best Bill

  7. Yes, I am happy now I told You, basically use colours so you can see more then you realise the cat can see the mouse!

    I pleased that you are, And you are not wasting your time.

    Good Good 100%

  8. You are an incredible genius, Mike.
    The color code is very helpful because it helps to break it down by segment. Maybe, you can add La Vie en Rose to your repertoire

  9. This TAB showing the colored notes for the string sets is brilliant Mike!
    Especially for the older beginner, the visual clarity makes fingering the notes much more clear.

  10. Standard chords for example are no problem for many people … but the picking fingers to use would be a great idea! Perhaps alongside somehow!

  11. Excellent your getting better since you retired, lol, always looking forward to hearing from you, take care, Regards Philip.

  12. This leaves nothing in doubt. All information is presented so whichever works best for a student is there to use. Wonderful!

  13. Dear Mike

    Basically this idea is very good for Newbies. Please do not forget your older viewers.I don’t think they need all these colours for picking.
    People are with you or other instructors for some years and have practice with travis picking.
    Cheers, Axel

    • Hi Axel, I see where you’re coming from but to be honest people who have been at it for years don’t really need my videos to learn.
      This is for those who need all the aids I can provide. Cheers. Mike

      • I give this a thumbs-up. As a LONG-time fingerpicker, I don’t really need the colour-coding, but it doesn’t interfere and is likely to be very helpful to less-experienced players. It probably would have helped me in earlier years.
        Chord fingering is shown in your videos, of course, but I’ve found it helpful in printed tablature to have non-obvious fingering notated. A slack-key piece in my repertoire became easier to play after I noticed the (tiny number) notation to fret a certain note with the pinky (4).

        • Thanks David, I do quite often try to add extra chord boxes with non obvious positions.
          It doesn’t always work and in fact it’s always hard to know whether to include the extra bits or not.

          Thnka for your input….all valuable stuff.

  14. Hi Mike,
    I feel this method would be very helpful, especially with this song. I love this song and tried learning it quite awhile ago but really ran into difficulty when trying to learn the 8th and 9th bar (has a slide, kinda confusing two bars there) and even though I tried slowing down the video..then just gave up. So it would be nice to see this song again broken down slow and in this manner.

  15. WOW absolutely brilliant Mike you can see in real time that this saves you lot of time learning it really does simplify things for the right hand I was blown away when I watched the video Many thanks for what you do

    • Left hand would be better if I used numbers for fingers. All my lessons only use Thumb Index & Middle fingers…but my
      left hand uses all 5 fingers sometimes.

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