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America-Baby Driver-Bookends-Cecilia-Homeward Bound-Kathy's Song-Mrs Robinson
Only living boy in New York-Scarborough Fair-Song for the asking-Sound of Silence-The Boxer

The video you are watching above contains a demonstration of snippets from each of the twelve pieces in this new Simon and Garfunkel Guitar Video Lesson Set. (The Play-thrus)

Each lesson video contains a highly detailed study and lesson on "exactly" how to play the song.

  • The videos are shot in our innovative 'over-the-shoulder-vision' and now include on-screen tabs and song sheets
So you don't have to mentally or visually translate what is on the screen
  • There is also a video for each piece called the playthrough which is obviously the 'performance' version
Means you can see exactly how the piece should be played in performance
  • Printable tabs are included in .pdf format.
Print them out and get away from your computer for a while
until you 'perfect' each piece
  • Tabs are also included in Powertab format
This means you can select small sections and listen carefully note-for-note for each
section until they are burned into your memory (well that's how I do it anyway)

  • Songsheets to print (and pass around maybe)
    Showing the lyrics and the chords played.

  • You can email Jerry or myself if you have any questions about the instruction videos.
  • Assuming you remember to hit the 'Return to Merchant' button or link in Paypal...(some of you forget don't you?) you'll be given 'instant access' to the download page for this complete collection.
  • Should you NOT get instant access after payment then DON'T PANIC. You can contact us via phone or email...details are here: Mikes Contact Details

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There is NO RISK remember. The worst that can happen is that you get them and change your mind.........email me and say...Mike I've changed my mind.....and the money is back with you....that same day. so.....Wotcha waiting for?

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