Acoustic Fingerstyle Beginners Course

6 interesting pieces taken directly from Jerry Lamberth's teaching days. These are pieces that have been taught face-to-face with Jerry's 'live' students. (all shown in the video below/left)

Each piece comes with a complete and comprehensive video lesson (just as if you were in the room with Jerry)

You'll also get the tefview file for each piece that you can play using the tefview software (supplied as a free download). This allows you to effectively watch note by note on the screen and listen as the software plays each piece for you (at any speed you want)

So that you can carry on learning away from the computer we also include a printed version of each tablature. Handy to place in your guitar case.

For each piece we also include a play-thru video showing exactly how the piece should sound.

So that's it. At the end of this course you'll have a repertoire that you'll be able to play anywhere. You won't need to be able to sing and I promise you that even if your audience has never heard these pieces before....there'll be a definite hush when you start playing these pieces.