Fingerstyle Course Downloads

This is your download page for the fingerstyle beginners course set one

Right Click on the links to download the various items.

Phones, tablets, ipads, ipods and macs etc all have their own download methods so you may need to google for a download method if you’re not sure. If you get really stuck then please contact me.

The Tutorial Videos

Fingerstyle Tutorial One
Fingerstyle Tutorial Two
Fingerstyle Tutorial Three

The Instrumentals Videos

Misty Dawn Lesson
Misty Dawn Play-Thru

Night Garden Lesson
Night Garden Play-Thru

Parachutes Lesson
Parachutes Play-Thru

Sea Breeze Lesson
Sea Breeze Play-Thru

Soft Rain Lesson
Soft Rain Play-Thru

Bluesing Lesson
Bluesing Play-Thru

Tabs PDF zip file
Tef Files Zip