Mike’s Membership Information 2

I think I confused some people with
my last ‘retirement’ email so let me
clarify a bit.

I won’t be producing any new videos
after retirement except to members.

The production is where all the really
hard graft is and after all this time, I
really do need a rest.

Everything else will stay the same.

Existing sets and videos will still be available
to buy and anything you’ve already bought will still
be available. No servers will be closing down
and no web pages will be disappearing.

I know I said that I will produce at least 2 new
videos a month for members but, I wouldn’t be
able to resist throwing in a few other bits and
pieces because that ‘s just me…..

Also with a reduced client base I may, for the first
time, be able to engage more closely with members
and look at requests……I may even be able to do
some ‘live’ lessons on skype or some other platform
(facebook or the like)

I would still want to give ‘real’ value to members
so actually it could be quite exciting but without the
drudge of constantly turning out new material.

So in a nutshell…normal rules apply, but only
members will get the new stuff.

Easier for me…..and actually better for you.

Make sense?

Thanks for registering your interest and feel
free to add your comments or questions below.


HINT: If you got here from my email you’re already
registered thanks.

If you didn’t see my original ‘retirement’ email you can Read-It-Here

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