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Right….well I’ve had a bit of a rest so I
can turn my mind back to the possibility
of a membership site.

I’ve spent a while thinking about this and it dawned on me
that without knowing exactly what you’d get as a paid member
it would be difficult for you to commit so……I ought to clarify a bit.

I would only want to make new videos that particularly interest me
so that means I’d really like to concentrate on blues/ragtime/country blues/

Then, as I started writing I thought ‘yes but what about some classical
pieces because you like those too Mike?’

How does that sit with you?

What if I had 2 membership levels under the headings of say

  1. Blues etc
  2. Classicals / Instrumentals

That would look a bit like:

Blues Membership at say $4 a month (for 1 new piece a month)

Classicals/Instrumentals Membership at say $4 a month (for 1 new piece a month)

Or Full membership at say $6 a month for 1 classical/ instrumental and 1 Blues piece.

Do you see where I’m going? (Does this all make sense to you?)


Thank You

Mike Herberts


Mike’s Membership Information — 101 Comments

  1. Hi Mike! Full membership, I’m in! Always grateful for your sharing of your talent and for your reasonable prices.

  2. Hi Mike, I love your teaching method, it’s the only one that’s worked for Me. I understand you retiring, we all have to at some point and if you decide to stop making videos that’s fine too. I have purchased several sets and single pieces in the past and still have some I haven’t learnt yet. I do prefer picking and classical pieces as I can master them easier. however Some What call chord and strum pieces are nice too.
    I think if You should decide to continue with a members only system, |I would be inclined to agree With some others that a single combined fee would be better. That way you have two choices per month not one, giving a greater chance that one of them is to your liking. And if you happen to like both well, bonuses all round!

    Once again Thank you for all your hard work over the years helping us somewhat fumble fingered plays to be able too learn. Even through your recent struggles you somehow managed to put out new content to your followers. I for one would totally understood if you had broke from doing this in order to take care of your family. After all they always come first no matter what. I think most people would agree with that.

    Anyway I hope You do what feels right for you and the future hold happiness and well being for you and yours. Happy retirement and good health.

    Kind regards Mark.

  3. I’ve learned a great deal of good music and skills from you and Jerry. I’m in favor of the full meal deal, so bring it on ASAP and THANK YOU for a great job well done.

  4. Yep, Mike. I’m happy with the full membership. I appreciate your teaching style and have many of your offerings – of all genres. I hope to hear from you soon. Thx

  5. My preference is for the blues and country, but every now and then I find a classical piece that grabs me, so I would go for the full subscription which I understand is $6 a month

  6. Hi Mike
    Very keen on the membership idea ( Blues for me ) nice if you can through in some fairly simple lessons for the less talented of us, have a great retirement.

  7. Hi Mike,

    I’d be inclined to go for the blues content, though I have an interest in classical/jazz as well.

    I think a 6 or 12 mth subscription would be best, so that your dedication to the project is matched by the financial commitment of those interested in it. I feel that this would fit better with all expectations.



  8. Hi Mike,
    Like the idea but can see a situation where you could opt for membership of one group, and then a piece comes up in the other group you fancy. I know you could join both groups, but in a lot of cases that might be wasteful.
    As a thought, why not charge say one membership rate, still produce two pieces per month (one in each group), and then let the members choose which piece they want that month. This way you retain maximum flexibility from members.

    • HI Dave,

      One membership, two songs a month and you get to choose which one???? Bloody genius Idea!!!
      If you don’t like either of them your choice carries over to the next month….this looks like the solution I’ve been looking for

  9. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for all the tips and all the inspiration over the years, you’ve certainly made a difference to my playing.
    I’d certainly be interested in the blues/ragtime membership, but don’t over-commit in your retirement. Very best wishes,

  10. Hi Mike, thanks for all your efforts over the years you have really turned my guitar playing around. I would sign up for membership to the Blues Club although you have given me loads of free stuff when I first registered with you. With that and the pieces I have bought they will probably ‘see me out’. It did occur to me that your commitment to produce two pieces every month doesn’t sound like retirement it sounds like more of the same. I have been retired for 10 years and it is a wonderful time to do exactly what you want to do. If I were you I would say ‘Goodbye and thanks for all the fish’, put your feet up and pick away to your hearts content. Thanks again for everything. Have a great retirement. Best wishes Ken.

  11. Wish you all the best in your retirement. Not too keen on monthly subs… don’t kn ow what tunes I’ll get. I’m more into old standards 60’s 70’s music. What about just selling your music as before, discount or more for Patreons?
    Seems, this will give you more work, when you should really be retiring 🙂

  12. Those are affordable numbers for a financially embarrassed man as I am. Just temporary.Even I can afford that.BUT, sounds like a phone or tv commitment and most don’t like that.

  13. Hi Mike, I will stay loyal to your course and support you what ever the outcome, Your stuck between a rock and a hard place it seems!
    Like myself I`am enjoying the journey and are at my age not worrying about the destination. I would like to suggest that you use a plan B, of some backup to keep you and your fans happy together and it would be a shame to give up with your skills.Why don`t you think about a Mike Herbert Guitar club and charge an good annual fee,give your tips and thoughts /Ideas/ and most importantly Guitar music lessons on a more easy level!
    What has brought me round to saying this is, some guitar music shown on you tube looks ok But A Big But, no one wants to give you Tabs, they just like showing off! Look at Dances with wolves,Brill but can`t get tabs, now you could have the skills to do this and charge.In short Start a on line club?
    Best Regards Geoff Ashton, your skills are priceless,cheers.

  14. Hi Mike,

    Have really enjoyed your contributions over the years.

    Would like a membership to classical/Instrumental only.


    David Pryke

  15. Hi Mike I as with many others appreciate your work. I would be interested in classical pieces if they were more of a challenge say higher up the fret board, rather than the first few frets. If you offered this, then yes I would join a membership. Pete

  16. Hi Mike, my interest would be in blues. Presumably I could upgrade to both if I wanted to. Also be interested in knowing what your monthly pieces were to measure what I’m missing if I only take blues membership If I wanted to buy individual pieces outside blues then charge me say 5 or 6 dollars for it Why not, you will already have made the lesson

  17. Hi Mike,
    I love all the music that you like and then some. At present I’m concentrating on Classical and have started working my way through a book called 50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos.

    However, I would also like to see some Blues and Country. So, if you’re doing both, I’d be happy to sign up for both.

  18. Hi Mike,
    It’s been great following you all these years. Thanks for all the lessons. I look forward to all your future blues/ragtime/country blues lessons. All the best for your well deserved retirement.Cheers

  19. I like the idea of a blues tune once a month without a membership. I like your other site where it was featured artist with tab. groups featured tunes by the beatles, Donavon, John Prime eagles etc.etc Can’t think of the name just now.

  20. For $4 a month..the price of a cup of coffee…I would be happy with with the Blues etc membership..not the classical. Several nights a week I am playing from stuff I have bought from you over the years. I’m in.
    Thanks for everything.

  21. Hi Mike , there comes a time when we all have to slow down because there is so many things in life you would like to do apart from your Guitar lessons I also believe introducing a membership club is a brilliant idea it will give the members an opinion choosing the lessons they would like to learn, personally I am very fond of blues gospel and most popular music whatever the outcome, I am eager to learn a few of your beautiful compositions.

  22. Mike I would like the whole thing. Blues etc. are fun and the occasional classic is a learning experience. Since I found your site I have gotten back to playing after a long (years) hiatus. Many Thanks.
    Having been retired for over a decade I can only agree that you should do what makes you happy and be ready to shift if life changes your priorities.

  23. Mike / I have so much of your wonderful videos that I can not possible live long enough to master them all. However, I’m still in the market for 60’s and 70’s rock songs. Blues not so much I’m afraid. Even famous recognizable rock riffs would be great.

    Enjoy your retirement.

  24. Hi Mike i would probably opt for full membership best of both worlds, don’t work to hard but don’t stop altogether please.

  25. Yes Mike like all the rest I thank you for your efforts. Ifo prefer the nlues and think it should be a straight membership fee plus a 5 spot for each of what you sell. You do need to maintain your site as well.
    There should be an income of sorts here.
    Love the blues Mike. Enough classics for me already 🤠thanks Glo

  26. This sounds like a great idea, and the membership fees are very good. I am guessing most of the pieces would be at intermediate level? I don’t mind paying monthly or by the year. I am interested in the blues/ragtime as it is new to me and something I have always wanted to learn, but the difference in price between the memberships is so small I likely would go for full membership. Thanks for all the great work you have done, I have been with you since 2011 and still have some of those I have bought to learn!! I retired early 3 years ago and have never looked back, hope you have a great retirement too doing what you love.

  27. Hi Mike, thanks for all the wonderful videos you have produced so far they are definitely responsible for getting me playing the guitar. I don’t have a particular interest in blues or classical so would not be interested in signing up to any monthly membership scheme. I would still be interested in buying the occasional song that struck a chord with me, so would hope you continue to offer them up for individual purchase.

  28. Hi Mike,
    I bought a bunch of stuff from you in the post but have lost it all when I lost my computer. I’d be interested in a membership and still plug away at learning the guitar

  29. Hi Mike,

    I am a real novice and yet to retire, I like a bit of classics mixed with pop rock from the 60’s to the 80’s. Am still getting to grips with Classical Gas one of my all time favourite guitar pieces to learn. Could never have done it without your vid. Also found the beginners courses just so valuable. I too would go for full membership but would prefer to pay either a 6 month or 12 month membership fee.

  30. Mike,
    First, congratulations taking the step into retirement. I have to have some focused time learning so I won’t let my mind drift. This is my second year with you and I love it! I am 73 working part time. I find Classical and Spanish very relaxing and so this is my main focus. I also love your list of guitar basics as this helps to address some bad habits that can take place without knowing it. I love your blues second most. You’ve hooked me there! You already have plenty listed in this email for our access, so anything new you want to do should be “what you like to do.” I will subscribe yearly to both at $72 per year. I will signup when you say we can. My opinion is one new per month of what you like and what you can do on Classical and Spanish in-between maybe every other month because they can be so time consuming. At any rate thank you for being there for guys like me!

    Larry (Illinois, USA)

  31. Hi Mike,
    I know that you don’t know me. But you have been like a dear friend to me for several years now as I have collected and learned (sort of) many of your Blues and Classical instrumentals. Thank you for all that you have done. I think your membership idea is a good one and I would sign up for full membership. I am retired myself and have a good idea what you’re going through. I encourage you to keep at it in a way that works for you and I look forward to hearing from you each month. Cheers!

  32. Hi Mike I love the stuff you do and I have bought most of it. You make it fun and interesting and easy to follow. I would definitely be interested in the full membership option.

  33. Hi Mike. Happy retirement! I retired last July and have not looked back. Don’t know how I had time to work. You may find yourself busier than you imagined! I would only be interested in the blues/ragtime stuff and not classical. Thanks for everything I have purchased from you over the last few years.

  34. Mike i love your videos and would not be where i am today with my guitar if i had not fo your videos. I would diffently be interestes in becoming a full member. Evento we have never met i consider you a friend and look forward to whatever you com up with. I know it will be great. Thanks Pam

  35. Hi,Mike I would be OK with a Blues/Country programme don’t know if that would be any diff in price ?? whatever !! Love the items you do Thanks for all the previous work you have done Regards Alan W

  36. First let nme say thank you for all your efforts over the years. I will never be a great guitarist but I just love mucking about and your videos have added a huge amount to my enjoyment and understanding of the guitar. My main interest is in old blues and country, both strumming and picking. Another commenter mentioned 6 monthly or annual subscriptions. That sounds good to me.

    On retirement: I have been retired for years and the best advice I can offer is make to sure you enjoy what you do. Don’t let anything become a tiresome task.

    • Thanks for the advice Paul. That’s part of the reason for asking what people
      really want to learn. I want to make stuff that really interests me rather
      than just producing anything that makes a few quid.

  37. Mike, I have been buying all of your chordoke from the beginning and watching the great changes happen. I have the fantastic blues lesson series you made. I believe that I am your age and now have time to play along and have fun. I love blues but not really interested in anything but blues and rock. Born in the 50s so 50s & 60s are in my blood. My retirement is playing along with your videos and having a great time. I cannot imagine not getting more but I do understand you deserve a rest. Not sure if I would be interested in anything but blues. Please enjoy your retirement and thank you for making my retirement great.

    • Hi Charles, I can’t imagine never making more videos but I’m just being careful
      so that I produce the ‘right’ ones…..and blues is right up there are the top of the list.


  38. Hi Mike. I have really benefited from your tuition over the last few years. I retired a couple of years ago and from my experience I doubt you would limit yourself to one vid per month. I enjoy seeing a selection of styles but don’t try to learn them all. I would prefer to see one level of €4.00 membership with a variety of styles eg classical one month, finger style another and maybe modern pop/rock another month. Best wishes for your (semi) retirement and good luck building the income stream. Brett

    • Hi Brett, The reason for trying to pin it down is that a lot of folks want
      to know exactly what will be on offer with a membership package. Cheers

      • Hi Mike. I forgot to add that I would prefer an option to pay 3 or 6 monthly, in advance. I would expect this to be non refundable in the event that you do not continue or I no longer want to participate. I think after all these years we can trust you to produce what you say you will! Brett

  39. Hi Mike
    Yes I would join up for the blues /ragtime package with a monthly subscribtion – with one caveat – I have purchased several downloads from your site but then have not been sent a link to the download . I found a website with downloads on but the songs I prdered where not on the list . Perhaps that area could be improved .?
    Otherwise I whole heartedly will join up . Hope this helps

  40. Hi Mike
    As you know I have bought everything from you in the past,( auto tab, Blues,Spanish,Chordaoke,Fingerstyle, and Clasical, ) the ones I like to learn are the Fingerstyle instramental and the Classical, but I would support you Mike with a Full membership, you never know I could have a go at one of the others one day, I will be look forward to your emails, and ready to join Full membership.

  41. Sign me up for the full monty, Mike. Thanks to you, I’ve learned some really great pieces – I doubt if I ever would have found the inspiration to learn them without your materials. Let’s keep the ball rolling, ok? You are one of the very best, and I, and many, many others, appreciate what we’ve all been able to accomplish together. It’s really mind-blowing when you come right down and think about it. Well done, Mike.

  42. Hi Mike,
    I’m happy to pay a membership of any kind, just to keep you around.

    Think I speak for many of us when I say that to lose touch with you would be like losing touch with a close friend. You’re not just our teacher, you’re our mate.

    Plus, your videos are the best on the net.

    Please stay.

    • Hi Mike,
      I like the idea of a Mike Herberts Club where we pay an annual membership.

      I just re-retired after going back to work for 3 years and have barely practiced during the work time. I’ve enjoyed your work and comments even during that time. Even without additional offerings I now have plenty to challenge my retirement years. That said, how about a $50 per year membership with the option to pick one month from what you release?

      I understand you need something that will be easy to manage, so if you stick with your original suggestion I’d be in for the dual membership.

      Cheers, Rick and thatks for all your help over the years.

  43. Hi Mike, I’ve started acoustic guitar playing with your stuff, and never looked back, an awesome experience indeed!
    I’m pretty much sure I’ll end with your lessons as well 🙂 keep up the good work, I’ll keep supporting you by joining the full members club. But I would rather promote a yearly membership fee. Cheers

  44. Hi Mike,

    I’d be interested in blues and ragtime and instrumentals, but not classical. (I have enough of classical arrangements, myself.)

    Best regards,


  45. Your stuff is fantastic and it is clear to all that a lot of effort has gone into what you do.
    I’d be lost without your material to use for learning but you do have to let go sometime.
    Think I have already stated i wish to become a member.
    Peter Watson

  46. Hello Mike
    Some of the finger picking I have learned for $3 to $5 is the best money I ever spent. I would have paid more. But at times you just do not know how much you like it until after you learn it. Example; I finally paid for Fly Me To The Moon. It is one one those very familiar tunes that I kept putting off, finally paid for it and learned it. If what I know now , i knew at the Beginning, I would pay $50, I appreciate it that much.
    Not to happy with monthly fees . 6 months , or a yearly fee I would do. And if you put out a finger picking song I not Interested in ,I am sure there will be that one song that will come out that will be a $50 song for me.

  47. Dearest Mike,

    I’m positive other members feel the same as I do. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I probably would’ve left my guitar sitting in the corner gathering dust,
    dreaming, if it wasn’t for your videos, especially the Spanish piece, that MADE me believe I could learn to play this instrument. I hope to meet you to shake your hand someday. Your “retirement” is well deserved.

  48. Thanks Mike for all you have done over the years Ive been following for quite a while..don’t play much now cos I injured my thumb but my son still uses your stuff Its been great Enjoy life Thanks again

  49. Nice move, Mike, once again you are cutting edge with web technology while doing an excellent job teaching the “classics” of our pop world. Keep ‘em coming and many thanks- if I get the means I’ll buy the lot! Cheers

  50. Hi Mike,

    It might be worthwhile surveying those who have signed up to see what styles the majority like.

    Another idea might be to provide two songs at a time, one included free with the membership and the other available for a nominal sum. Members would then have a choice of their preferred song, but if both appeal at that time could take the other as well. This might resolve the problem of a time when a member is not interested in either song/format.

    I hope you stay well and enjoy your retirement.

    Warm regards

    Pee See

  51. Hi Mike

    Have a well deserved break, thanks so much for all the lessons you have given me over the years.
    As you know I am now retired, well thrown out on the scrap heap:)
    But it gives me more time to learn the guitar
    The thing is the chordeoke and autotab is good.
    But what I need now is to learn to identify a song
    “You know the old saying if you whistle it I’ll play it”
    That what I am trying to find out what to do now

  52. Mike,
    There are somethings we never retire from because it is a passion in our lives.
    We do find new ways to look at things though as the fly said climbing up the mirror.
    I hope this “retirement” will enable you to have a fresh approach that is better for you and those that decide to become members. It would be really good to have a workshop at some point.

  53. Hi Mike
    I have been a follower of yours since the start. I bought your first video 20 strumming songs. Your stuff has really improved since then.I know it was hard for you when your wife passed on but you carried on and got new ideas.i will continue to support you while possible as you make playing enjoyable

  54. I don’t know how retirement works in GBR but I can tell you that after five years of being retired here its a wonderful thing. live long and prosper.

  55. Hi Mike..I just worry that 2 newbies a month could be quite hard on you. Perhaps 1 every other month. Something less weighty as you really want some time for the good stuff! I just retired a while back and know how hard ot is to commit. I have my piano and guitar study and nothing else! That is very hard to keep up with when I like to garden in summer and do some exercising as well as having people drop over and then I use time for shopping and cleaning etc etc.
    Just for your info Mike.

  56. Enjoy your retirement, Mike.
    I have gathered so much of your stuff over the years, I wish I could retire part-time to get to it all (enough for many years — good intentions :p ). Not full-time though; I like my cows too much.

  57. Mike I am not sure how the members (patreon) scheme would work for me. I am mainly interested in finger picking/acoustic stuff and not Cordokey. Can you be more specific regarding what the content would be for me and others like me?

  58. Hi Mike
    I have already registered for membership I think this is a great idea and really looking forward to being part of this group

    I would like to say thankyou for carrying on with the lessons.
    Can I also say I wish you a long and happy retirement.
    All the best

  59. I think the membership is a grand way to provide a continuation of your excellent service and wish u well in a long and well earned retirement.

  60. Hi Michael
    I think the membership is a grand way to provide a continuation of your excellent service while segueing into retirement. I’m glad I signed up.
    Since I have I was wondering if there is someway your free lessons can be downloaded to a memory stick. I too am entering the retirement phase and would like to take my guitar and the lessons with me when I travel.
    Best Wishes,

    • Just plug in a memory stick then copy and paste (or drag) files onto the memory stick.
      Do you need a video for me to explain this? I will make a screen tutorial if needed. Thanks. Mike

  61. Thanks Mike I am pleased to know you are not closing down shop and riding off in the sunset lol , I believe your new Guitar lesson format is a brilliant idea it will be much easier for you to interact with your potential Guitar students ie your possible live lessons , I am looking forward wish you all the best.

    • Thanks……..I’ve never done a ‘live’ lesson before but I think
      it could work really well especially if I can take ‘live’ questions at the same time.

  62. Hi Mike
    Looking forward to joining and hope I can keep up with at least some of the stuff you’ll be throwing at us

  63. hi Mike I have read your email, and understand that you want to retire. I also understand your proposal to request a monthly amount for the members. But then we also bet for some songs where there is no interest. I can not really agree with this. But your proposal is good. This is my opinion Greetings from luc, and sorry for my poorly written English. (From begium.)

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