Retirement email

This is the original ‘Retirement’ Email I sent out

I’ll have to make this quick
as I’m looking after someone
with Norovirus at the moment.

I’ve decided to actually retire from my guitar business but….

I could, under the right
circumstances, continue
in a limited way.

I’m thinking about a members only set up.

My initial thoughts are to
produce at least 1 new autotab
fingerstyle piece and 1 new
Chordaoke strumming piece
per month.

These releases would only be
available to members who would
pay a monthly subscription.

To be viable the subscription
would need to be $5 -$6 per
month (about £3.60 – £4.35
in sterling)

For that, members would be sent
these 2 new releases each month.

I envisage sending a bit more than I’ve stated but
I can’t confirm that yet.

Membership would be monthly
only with no penalty for

If you know me, you know
that the quality will be good
and, as always, I’ll be reachable
if there was ever a problem.

I’m pretty sure I’d promote my other materials from time to
time as well but all new releases would be members only.

So what do you think?

Please click on the most
appropriate link below and
let’s see where we go from here.

I’ll still keep in touch until the
end of January either way to
let you know about future access to
any past purchases you’ve made.

Thanks for you support and your help with this.

Please click as appropriate below:

I would definitely want to become a member.

I would probably become a member.

I would definitely NOT become a member.

Thank you & Warm Regards

Mike Herberts