Chordaoke 2.0 Now With Scrolling Song-sheets And Dynamic Audio

Me Strumming in the Right Speaker & the Original Artist in the Left Speaker

This reduced price upgrade offer expires in

2 Huge Improvements With

This Upgrade Opportunity

Innovation Number 1

With all my recent experiments on scrolling and improving the song-sheet/tabs representation.....I'm upgrading some of my previous releases. This upgrade includes fully scrolling song sheets [no more fades between verses]

Innovation Number 2

I finally cracked the audio to split my strumming and the original artists. Use your balance control to dial me up or dial me down depending on your progress.

Grab the Upgrades for just $11 [So long as the timer is showing]

The Rock Chordaoke set will be relaunched on 12th May 2016 as Chordaoke 2.0 and will include all these improvements. I'm not expecting you to pay full price at the relaunch so Pre-Book your upgraded set now for just $11. I'll email the upgrades automatically as they become available. N.B This includes the downloads only