This is what Chordaoke will look like


This is what Chordaoke will look like — 50 Comments

    • Thanks Peter, I feel that the days of just ‘teaching’ guitar will be numbered. The technology these days lends itself to all manner of innovations
      that will make it easier [don’t tell them though] Thanks so much for your kind comments.

  1. Really appreciate the new layout/format. With practice and this new format, I might make some real progress. 🙂

  2. Just the job Mike Cant wait to see things on,Line Great to see that you are back in true form.
    Kind regards and best wishes

    • Thanks Peter….I have to agree with you. It’s a long rocky road and you look back and think ‘why didn’t I think of that ages ago’

  3. Mike, you did it again. Every time you present an easier way to learn music I think it is as good as it can possible be. Then you outdo yourself and this is a good example of what I mean. I’m thinking if a person can’t learn using your method then maybe a guitar or UKE is not in your future. I can’t sing so I use guitar time by focusing on fingerpicking to make music. However, I am teaching my 11 yr. old grandson to play guitar and I will definitely purchase lessons from you for his future as he improves. You are the best.

  4. Great job Mike!!!
    I will definitely buy if you do a new set of songs. I already have purchased your older sets.
    Keep up the great work!!

  5. Hi Mike. This layout is so much less cluttered, with plenty of white space, making it easier to follow. The use of the box outline around the chords was an inspired move. Maybe a different coloured box for chords that are not played but have been allowed to ring out from the previous strum, and where a word is split by a chord, a little bit more of a gap to emphasise the first beat, would both be useful?
    The best yet. Well done!

  6. Hi Mike
    What a fantastic change from your first 20 strumming songs which I purchased years ago.So much more professional and simplistic.I still enjoy

  7. It looks good, and I was pleasantly surprised to find you used that particular song for the example. One of my “music friends” (who runs a karaoke business and plays guitar) really likes “When You Say Nothing at All,” so I think she’ll like this.

  8. I love the idea Mike, you turn out some great things that make it easy for guitarists and musicians at all levels. The only thing I would say is, sometimes not always easy to follow the chord changes without a time line following the words. Not sure if you know what I mean lol.
    Regards Kevin.

    • Hi Kevin, You may have noticed that there is a chord shape showing for every single measure. In other words the chord changes are absolutely rigid….so no getting lost……there is a chord shape every 4 beats…problem solved.

  9. Hey Mike,

    This may sound like a dumbass question, but why not just do 2 seperate versions one for guitar one for uke? Otherwise someone is going to say “hey Mike, add Bass” and pretty soon you have lost your simplicity.
    You are still my hero!

    • Hi Joe, It takes months to produce a set. I could do one set for each….if I doubled the price ;0(

    • The first set of 20 will be about 10 days. Then I’ll do a brand new set and then work on some of the older sets. Cheers

  10. Congratulations, I think this is great! It makes following the chords so much easier. As a perpetual beginner learning has just become one step easier . . .

  11. mike this is great both for longtime guitar players and the very many uke beginners cant think of anything better regards tony

  12. Mike, each time you create something that we think can’t be improved upon, you go right ahead and improve it.

    Mike Herberts, un-sung Genius!

    Thanks for everything once again Mike.

    • Thanks James, The new green boxes were in response to a couple of people who said it looked a bit messy/busy….so I listened and came up with this. Cheers


  13. This is a great idea, I’ve recently started playing uku and having been playing guitar for over 40 years, I know the chord shapes for guitar and often on G, Em, D, so your chordaoke with both chord diagrams is a great help.
    THANK YOU, I am now playing a couple of pieces on my uku with confidence.

    • Thanks Ian. When I play uke i get lost after about 3 chords as I’m making the mental transposition… you say…this solves it. Cheers. Mike

  14. Hi mike,
    Excellent new system,and I look forward to seeing you produce new videos,,,,,are you going to update any of the previous chordaoke releases???????
    Best regards Dennis a loyal customer

    • Thanks Dennis. I will update all the previous sets. OMG…’s a long job…but worth it. Thanks. Mike

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