Romanza Impromptu Mike

I used to be able to play this perfectly.

The strain on my face says it all.


Romanza Impromptu Mike — 21 Comments

  1. What fumbling???
    I was expecting a smashed guitar or at least a couple of broken strings but no – what we got was just about a perfect play through to my ears anyway. I feel cheated 😉
    Thanks for all your efforts and take care.
    Kind regards,

  2. Mike, the average person like me who is not that familiar with Romanza would enjoy your playing and would not especially notice that it isn’t perfect.

  3. I’ve been trying to play Romanza for years if only I had your skill!! It sounded great. You make it look so easy, I must have it——please, using your music.

  4. The secret to the guitar, or anything, really, boils down to one word…PRACTICE (and Patience…and…). (Guess that’s more than one word, hmmmm!?!)

    Whether it is a computer game, an instrument, a sport, or whatever… if you practic enough over a long enough period then at least you are not starting from scratch when you dust off one of your forgotten gems.

    Have always felt that if a young person dedicated themselves to an instrument with the same intensity they persue computer activities,we would have some outstanding musicians.


  5. Mike:
    It’s not that bad!
    The tempo varies rather in the first section, but I’m jealous about the second half which I’ve never fully mastered.
    As for the expressions, they’re ore frozen than agonized.

  6. If I could play a piece as well as that after 8 years of not practicing it I’d be very happy Mike. I’m just working on the Beginners pieces. I think the strain on my face is much more like a gurning competition. Thanks for the fantastically comprehensive method of tutoring.

  7. Very brave of you Mike, but, as you say, encouraging for us mortals. I have a job remembering the chords, words – you name it. I’m still struggling with ‘Streets of London!

    Terry Holland

    Malaga Spain

  8. I have never been able to play anything perfectly, myself, so I gave up on being a perfectionist.

    I thought it was quite OK, Mike. Faster than I can play it.

    Considering that you haven’t played it in many years, it’s normal to have a few places that can be smoothed out, later.

    Best to you today,


  9. Hi Mike,
    I like that you are humble enough to imagine, to lay people, with no musical education, we should see you play this piece. As a struggling, would be musician, with too many other distractions within a dysfunctional family, who should actually practice more, I enjoyed your performance. I have the piece purchased from you and shall revisit it more; given that it is beautiful and well loved by many. Do not knock yourself for memory loss or the fact that time and business takes you away from your repertoire. Gee whiz, if I could play ten percent of the material I have purchased over the years I would be more confident and open about it all.

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